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We help companies build world-class mobile teams.
Whether by deeply integrating our talent or by helping build up your in-house team, SwiftKick can help.


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Technical Prototyping

Technical Prototyping

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is flexible
We have in-house talent ready to deploy on your product.
• Fill project-based skill gaps with our experienced contractors
• Bypass the commitment of a full-time hire
• Avoid a lengthy hiring process

Direct Hire

We offer Direct Hire
We can help you hire a full-time mobile professional with confidence.
• Leverage our mobile-specific sourcing engine
• Screenings conducted by our mobile experts
• Turnkey interview + hiring process

Our Unique Advantage

SwiftKick is not a traditional staffing company. We were founded by mobile engineers and now operate as a full-service mobile agency. While growing, we invested heavily in perfecting our interview process to find the right talent for our team. Understanding the value in this process, we are uniquely positioned to help others grow their teams in the same way.
Great products are made by great teams. We have done it for ourselves, and we can do it for you.

A few of our clients

We have worked with VRBO
We have worked with Expedia
We have worked with CSID
We have worked with 7 Eleven
We have worked with Experian
We have worked with Sysco

Staff Augmentation

We identify, assess, and hire some of the best mobile developers in the industry.

We can provide a plug-and-play contractor with flexible terms, saving you the time and resources of a lengthy full-time hiring process and allowing you to scale as necessary.

Our team is able to provide an instant boost of productivity, bypassing an average hiring time of 43 days and saving 20-25% per hire. Our developers undergo an intensive, multi-disciplinary technical interview process to ensure that they don’t shy away when the going gets tough.

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Why Augment?

• You want to accelerate the deployment of your mobile product
• You need an interim developer to commence work while you work through your own hiring process
• Your project requires a specific skill that isn’t available in-house
• You need a mobile expert for a set period of time instead of a full-timer for the long haul
• You have a skunkworks project and your full-time staff is allocated elsewhere

Direct Hire

Focus on the project, not on the hiring.

Over the years, we've amassed a deep network of mobile professionals and honed an interview process led by domain experts. Our partners leverage these recruiting super powers to find the right match for their culture, product, and vision.

We learn more about your company and project, then tap into our deep network of job-seeking iOS and Android developers and tailor a candidate search towards your specific mobile needs. After identifying potential matches, our extensive onsite interviews cover both the breadth and depth technical skills, design inclination, and culture fit. After you hire one of our candidates, we offer a 60-day no hassle guarantee for your peace of mind.

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Why Direct Hire?

• You are hiring one of your first mobile professionals
• You need a framework to source and evaluate an unfamiliar skillset
• You need full-time iOS and/or Android development skill on hand
• You have had a poor experience working with non-technical staffing agencies


Not sure about hiring a contractor, full-time employee, or need something else?
If you aren’t sure which offering fits you best, reach out to us for a quick, free, and confidential conversation.
Will our hiring manager(s) have the opportunity to screen a direct hire applicant?
Absolutely! We encourage it, but recommend the next steps to be taken quickly to maintain candidate engagement. Due to COVID-19, all interviews are being conducted virtually until further notice.
Who is the cute black pug all over the website? Love him!
That’s Tito! Unfortunately he is not available for direct hire or staff augmentation work at this time, but he appreciates your interest. If you’d like to keep up with him, keep an eye out for our newsletter.
Do you screen iOS and Android developers the same way?
No, we tailor platform-specific assessments that are unique to their respective ecosystem and tooling. All developers are screened on universal concepts, like computer science and math.

Is staff augmentation the same as temp-to-hire?

No, our contractors are not intended to convert to your payroll after a set period. Many have tried - and failed.
Does it really take an average of 43 days to hire a mobile developer?
Surprisingly, yes! The time it takes to identify a need, post the role, coordinate schedules, vet candidates, and the new hire’s Day 1 can be exceptionally long - especially since mobile skillsets are in such high demand.


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