Our Partners

Since 2015, we’ve helped our clients, from small startups to household names, to build and launch new apps, polish existing products, and discover the right people for their team.

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We have worked with Expedia
We have worked with Experian
We have worked with 7 Eleven
We have worked with AT&T
We have worked with Sysco
We have worked with Zen Business
We have worked with Vast
We have worked with CS ID
We have worked with Square Root
We have worked with The Cosmopolitan
We have worked with Cahoots
We have worked with SceneTap
We have worked with Bluebonnet
We created Fore Charity
We created Dart Meister
We have worked with Edge Zone
We have worked with Scout
We have worked with All World - AR
We have worked with Upit
We have worked with Hitmeapp

Let’s get down to business

Every app is unique and has its own set of challenges. We work with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our services around them.

Strategy & Discovery

What good is a product that isn't useful?
Let us pave the way.

Product Design

What good is a product if no one wants to use it?
Our designers are ready.

Mobile Development

What good is a product that isn’t available to use?
Our engineers will build it.


Augmentation & Direct Hire Placement

Demand for mobile professionals is at an all-time high. Hiring a mobile developer can take up to 43 days on average. SwiftKick reduces time-to-hire by employing some of the best designers and engineers in the industry and maintains a network of professionals that are ready to go.

• iOS - Swift & Objective-C

• Android - Kotlin & Java

• Flutter

• Rapid Prototyping

• UX/UI Design


Discovery & Strategy

Building a full product is a large investment, so let’s walk before we run and discover the path together. Validating product assumptions, honing your strategy, and having a monetization plan are vital steps to take before investing in the creation of your mobile product. Our expert team will equip you with innovative solutions to prepare you for that journey.
Deliverables Range From
• Scope of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
• Technical Feasibility
• User Interviews and Feedback
• Monetization Strategies
• User Journey Map
• User Personas
• Wireframing
• Timeline Proposal
• Initial Design
• Prototype
IT’S all in the details

UX, UI, & Product Design

Design is more than just a combination of colors and fonts, it's the first impression your users will have of your app and the long lasting identity your users will have of your business. A unique and intuitive experience goes a long way with building trust with your users, and our design team is ready to craft one that stands apart from your competitors. The end result will be a beautiful design ready for development.

Deliverable Options

• Craft Brand Identity

• User Experience & UI Design

• Design System

• Interactive Prototypes

• App Store Assets & Video

• Marketing Website

Benefits of Good Design

• Stand Apart from Competitors

• Reduce Dev Time

• Lower Customer Support Costs

• Drive Retention

• Increase Sales

What we were founded on

Mobile Development

Our obsession is creating iOS and Android applications tailored specifically to the devices they live on. Whether you want to bring a new product to market, or bring your current product to the next level, we’re ready to build an unparalleled mobile app of any size or scope. Before long, you’ll have an app that is pixel perfect, delightful, and homepage worthy.

• iOS - Swift & Objective-C

• Android - Kotlin & Java

• Flutter

• Timeline Proposal

• Web Services/Firebase

• Quality Assurance

• App Maintenance

Certified top mobile developer in USA Featured on UpCity - B2B service providers

We're known for our mobile apps.

We’ve helped clients across the country and it turns out we have been doing a great job. We are top rated by Clutch on a local and national level.

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Our Work

All World AR app for iOS

We used Apple's ARKit to create ALL WORLD on iOS. Create and share AR experiences with a world map or 2D activation.

Share AR content with the local community or with friends from around the world.

  • Uses Apple's ARKit
  • World Mapping and 2D Image Activation
  • Gestures and haptic feedback
  • Native iPad and iPhone app

All World, iOS mobile AR application developed by SwiftKick Mobile
Augmented Reality on iPad

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality blurs the line between the real world and the digital world. Using your phone, AR allows you to superimpose digital assets and information on top of the live view of the world seen by your camera.

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Custom HomeStory iOS mobile application using maps and advanced drawing tools


We worked with HomeStory to rethink how realtors navigate multiple clients and asset them throughout the home buying process.

HomeStory joins live market data with detailed inventory analysis to instantly reveal the story behind every home.

  • Advanced map searching via drawing tools
  • User-centered design
  • Native iPad and iPhone app

Custom HomeStory iOS mobile application using maps and advanced drawing tools


CSID is the leading provider of global enterprise level identity protection, and fraud detection solutions and technologies. Their white-labeled app gives customers instant access to security information and alerts.

  • Remote management of theming and branding
  • Automated white-labeled app generation and deployment
  • Parallel iOS and Android app development

CSID iOS and Android mobile application


Partner & CEO


Partner & CTO


iOS Developer


Android Developer